they call me dev I ain't your average ho



"i didnt ask" is honestly the best reply to anything



Relationship goals

on a less serious note but still pretty serious I want a dick in my mouth.

America was made with the idea that we would have any culture come and assimilate. so that being said it was founded on cultural appropriation, there’s nothing wrong with appropriation of a culture so long as in the process you aren’t demeaning said culture

Q: do you think nicki minaj's music video for your love is appropriating japanese culture?

it’s definitely appropriating but do you think these things in the video are harmful to their culture? is it undermining their culture. I’m not Japanese tho so I don’t have a right to speak on behalf of them.

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I wish people with braces smiled more like full mouth, I think it’s cute


everybody stop getting into relationships it’s my turn wait in line